Welcome to the website of Lakeside Audiology & Hearing Solutions

At Lakeside Audiology & Hearing Solutions, LLC, our goal is to provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation and rehabilitation at the point of service. Paige offers same day hearing and tinnitus solutions in a no pressure environment. Because of her close on-site relationship with Lakeside ENT, patients now benefit from an integrated, collaborative audiological and ENT approach to their hearing needs. This means no extra appointments to schedule, no time delay, and eliminates two copayments for seeing providers from different practices. For many years we have heard our patients tell us about the extra co-pay burden for hearing evaluation, and we listened! Now that we do all audiological testing in-house there is *no
extra copayment* for testing done during an ENT appointment.

We realize that health providers and patients have a choice where they obtain hearing evaluations. We also realize that many independent audiology groups or hearing aid vendors promote the convenience of direct access and the cost savings of not seeing an ENT provider. At Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions, LLC we firmly believe that a *full medical workup of hearing loss* is always important before purchasing costly hearing aids. Organic intracranial or medical diseases, autoimmune hearing loss, asymmetric hearing loss patterns, reversible hearing loss, or surgically correctible forms of hearing loss must be fully investigated by a medical
physician before amplification or fitting of hearing aids.